Z-Flash OBD Ford

Congrats on purchasing your Z-Flash! Your Z-Flash is ready to start flashing your factory lights right out of the box. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Plug the switch or hardwire into the 2x2 port on the side of your Z-Flash module and follow the respective instructions below. Then plug your Z-Flash module into the OBD-II port (see page 2 for more details).

2. Test out your module! If you want to change or edit any of the patterns, use the provided USB cable and plug your Z-Flash into your Windows computer. Visit TheZFlash.com for full instructions and video tutorials on how to edit or create your own patterns.

Using your module with the Switch:

1. Connect the 2x2 plug on the switch into the port on the side of your Z-Flash module.

2. Clean the surface where you want to stick the switch with alcohol and wait for it to dry completely

3. Remove the paper backing and stick the switch. Careful! You only have one attempt to get the switch to stick. Remember to apply light pressure ensuring the entire switch mounting pad is making contact with the mounting area.

4. Press and hold the button on the switch for one second to activate the module. The light will change from red to green to indicate the Z-Flash is activated.

5. To change the pattern, press and hold the button for 5 seconds. Below is a full chart on how to use the switch.

LED Indicator Light Button Operation
Red LED - Module Off One Second Press - On/Off
Green LED - Module On Five Second Press - Pattern Change
Green LED Blinking Then Pause - Indicates Pattern Number

Using your module with the Hardwire:

1. Connect the 2x2 plug on the switch into the port on the side of your Z-Flash module.

2. Set your flash pattern for each mode using the Z-Flash software available at TheZFlash.com.

3. Follow the chart below to connect mode 1, 2, and/or 3 to +12V.

Wire Color Mode
Blue Mode 1
Yellow Mode 2
Blue and Yellow Mode 3


1. Connect the module into the vehicle’s OBD-IIport. The OBD-II port is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

2. Start your vehicle.

3. The module will begin to boot and the LED will flash for 5 seconds.

4. When the module is ready to use the green LED will flash for 5 seconds and then turn off.

5. If you need to disconnect the module and plug it back in, you will need to follow the boot sequence again. Make sure the module is turned off before removing it.

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