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Build Times, Warranties, and Backorders

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Learn about our return policy, shipping process, order tracking & more!

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UBL Product Help

UBL Dash Lights

Check out our UBL dash light guide for product tips, wiring instructions & more!

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UBL Electronics Manuals

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UBL Surface Mounts

Check out our installation & wiring guide for your new UBL U-Lite Surface Mounts.

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UBL Visor Bars

Use this guide to learn how to wire & install your new UBL U-Lite Visor Bar!

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UBL Work Lights

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Z-Flash Product Help


Manuals For Ford 7 Chrysler Z-Flash

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Z-Flash Chrysler

Learn how to set up & configure your Z-Flash Switch Module for Chrysler vehicles.

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Z-Flash Software

Get help with all of your Z-Flash software, firmware & update questions!

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Z-Flash Ford

Learn how to set up & configure your Z-Flash Switch Module for Ford vehicles.

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Feniex Product Help

Feniex Controllers

Get help programming & configuring your new Feniex 4200 Datalink Controller!

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Feniex Dash Lights

Use this guide to learn how to wire & install your new Feniex Fusion Dash Light.

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Feniex Full Size Bars

Need help ordering a Feniex full size LED light bar? Learn more here!

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Feniex Hide-aways

Check out our wiring & installation guide for your new Feniex Cannon Hide-A-Ways!

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Feniex Mini Bars

Check out our wiring diagram & installation guide for the Feniex Mini Light Bar.

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Feniex Sirens

Just ordered a Feniex siren? Learn how to wire it up with our setup guide!

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Feniex Speakers

Check out our installation, wiring & operation guide for your Feniex Speaker!

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Feniex Stick Lights

Get the most out of your new Feniex Fusion Lightstick with our product setup guide!

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Feniex Surface Mounts

Learn how to install, wire & sync your Feniex surface mounts & grille lights.

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Feniex Visor Bars

Get help wiring & operating your new single or dual color Feniex Fusion Visor Bar.

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Speed Turtle Product Help

Speed Turtle 2.0

Get help installing & activating your new Speed Turtle 2.0 plug-n-play flasher!

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Speed Turtle 3.0

Learn how to install, program & activate your new Speed Turtle 3.0 module!

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