Z-Flash Trailer Flasher

Universal Fitment - For most Trailer LED Light Lamps - Cargo, Utility, Equipment, Gooseneck, Flatbed, Dry(Bulk), Lowboy, Dump, Enclosed Trailers, Boat/Marine Trailers and More

The Z-Flash LED Trailer Flasher Module is the easiest and most cost-effective way to flash your TRAILER LED FACTORY LIGHTS when needed for any safety, security, and emergency applications. Simply connect the provided trailer cables/plugs to your vehicle's existing trailer port and connect to the Z-Flash LED Trailer Flasher Module. The Z-Flash LED Trailer Flasher Module allows the existing and any added exterior LED lights including the tail/running lights, left turn signal/brake lights, right turn signal/brake lights and reverse lights to flash/strobe lights while in warning mode. When the brake and turn signals are used, the flasher will restore to steady or steady-blinking light for normal operation (when brakes and turning are needed and applied) and will resume to flashing and strobe pattern function once back in warning light mode. The Z-Flash LED Trailer Flasher Module will not damage your vehicle and can easily be removed at any time.

Installation Instructions

  • Please read ALL instructions carefully before installation
  • Please make sure the truck is PARKED and that the EMERGENCY BRAKE is applied before getting behind your vehicle!
  • If the truck has been running, please allow 30 MINUTES for the exhaust to cool before install
  • This device is already paired with a wireless hand-remote controller

  1. Disconnect the negative terminal first on the battery, then the positive terminal.
  2. Find the vehicle’s tow-plug wire harness located in the rear, underneath the vehicle, inside the rear bumper. See Figure 1.

  1. Carefully remove the Vehicle Trailer OEM Tow plugs on both ends, this requires you to squeeze the 2 outer locking tabs together to twist and remove them from the vehicle’s tow plug outlets. See Figure 2.
  2. Once removed, take the Z-Flash Module's OEM Factory-Style Trailer Tow Plug Connector, and plug it into the Vehicle’s Trailer port through the bumper 7Pin female outlet.

  1. Next, take the Vehicle’s OEM Tow Plug and insert it into the opposite side of the Z-Flash Module's Vehicle Tow Plug. Then plug in the Vehicle Trailer OEM Tow Plug into the Z-Flash Module's Male End Connector adapter so that the Z-Flash Flasher Box and Trailer Tow harness cables are interlocked securely. See Figure 3 - 4.

  1. Once Vehicle and Trailer Tow plug adapters and cables are connected, locate an area to mount the Flasher unit. Check and make sure the magnet on the back of the flasher unit is tightly screwed in place. Secure the magnetized Z-Flash Flasher unit underneath the Vehicle’s frame/chassis or bumper. Also included are 4 zip-ties for extra flasher unit reinforcement. For extra securement, we recommend self-tapping screws (NOT INCLUDED). You can purchase them at your local hardware store.

NOTE: The existing 4-flat harness on the Vehicle’s Trailer outlet port will also be functional with the Flasher unit.

  • Also, if you would like to bolt your Z-Flash Flasher Unit to the frame of the Vehicle or Only use Zip-Ties, please remove the magnet from the back of the flasher by simply unscrewing it.

  1. Locate the power button on the Black Z-Flash Trailer Flasher Unit (Black button) and push it to Power on.
  2. Take the remote control or wireless dashbox and push “A” to power the module up.
  3. To cycle through the patterns, push “A” on the remote control to change the patterns.
  4. To power off the module, push the “B” button – And the trailer lights will return to steady mode if the lights are turned on.


VEHICLE OEM TRAILER TOW PLUGS (assemble & install under the rear bumper of the vehicle)

For incandescent trailer lights - If the tail/running lights (brown wire) load exceeds 20A+ and the reverse light (red wire) load exceeds 5A, the protective device (temperature sensor) will activate, equivalent to turning off the running light/reverse light and automatically turning on the steady mode light/reverse light function, when flasher decreases in temp.

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