Z-Flash GM OBD

Congrats on purchasing your Z-Flash! Before installing your module, set up an account at Zflash.app website. This helps ensure your module has the latest firmware and helps the support team diagnose your module if you run into any trouble.

  1. Scan the QR code on your Z-Flash module to create an account.
  2. If you cannot scan the code, note the Z-Flash ‘Serial Number’ and head to profile.thezflash.com and create an account. Be sure to enter your serial number listed on the Z-Flash module.

Head to your vehicle and follow the instructions below so your module can read your vehicle!

  1. Connect the Z-Flash OBD-2 module to the OBD-2 Pass-Through Switch
  2. Next, with the vehicle off, plug the module and switch into the vehicle. (The OBD-2 is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle.)
  3. Turn the key on, but don’t start the vehicle (for trucks/SUVs with ‘push-to-start’, press and hold the start/stop button for roughly 8 seconds with your foot OFF the brake pedal until the ignition turns on)
  4. Wait 30 seconds for the module to read your vehicle, then turn the ignition off. 
  5. Unplug the Z-Flash and bring it inside, near your WiFi router. 
  6. Plug the Z-Flash into a USB power source (any 1-amp USB phone charger cube will work). After about 10 seconds, the LED will turn green, indicating WiFi setup is ready.
  7. Using your smartphone, connect to the WiFi network “Z-Flash”. 
    1. If the “Z-Flash” network does not appear, try turning your phone's WiFi off, and then on again. 
    2. If asked, the password is “password” (all lowercase).
  8. Once your phone is connected to the Z-Flash,
  9. If the Z-Flash portal does not appear on your phone automatically within 10 seconds, go to your phone's web browser and enter (no www or .com). The Z-Flash config menu should appear within 30 seconds and list all of the WiFi networks that are within range of the Z-Flash 
    1. Be sure that the signal strength shown next to your WiFi network name is at least 2 bars. 
    2. If the config page does not appear on your phone, try refreshing the web page.
  10. Click on your home WiFi network name, and type in your home WiFi password. As soon as the Z-Flash successfully connects to your WiFi, the LED will change from green to flashing red/blue. When the LED turns off, the update procedure is complete and you can unplug the Z-Flash.
    1. NOTE: The Z-Flash can only connect to 2.4ghz WiFi, 5ghz WiFi is not supported. 
    2. NOTE: WiFi passwords are case sensitive
    3. If you get stuck anywhere during this process, or the Z-Flash fails to connect, you can unplug the Z-Flash at any time and start over from the beginning.
  11. You can confirm your module is set up by logging into your account and verifying your vehicle is listed. Every time your module connects to WiFi it will check for updates automatically. 

Using the button: (The unique Z-Flash OBD-2 Pass-Through Switch does not require any external power!)

To activate the module:

  • Press the button for 1 second to activate the module, press again for pattern 2, repeat for pattern 3 and once more to deactivate the module.
  • When the module is plugged in both LEDs will illuminate.
  • When the flasher is activated both LEDs will blink.
  • If you would like to hardwire your switch, you can cut off the button and hardwire the yellow wire to any momentary ground switch.

To change the pattern speed:

  • Press the door lock button while the module is activated (The fastest pattern will look the best with LED bulbs)

Installing the module:

  1. Connect the Z-Flash OBD-2 module to the OBD-2 Pass-Through Switch
  2. With the vehicle off, plug in both the switch and module into your vehicle simultaneously 
  3. Start your vehicle and activate the module using the Pass-Through Switch
  4. To remove: turn the vehicle off and remove the module.

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