How to Export and Import Custom Flash Patterns

Export Patterns:

If you created a pattern that you want to share with friends or the world, you can easily export your pattern for other Z-Flash users or if you have multiple Z-Flash’s you can add this pattern to them quickly. 

  1. From the main Z-Flash Menu click “Configure Device” 
  2. Select the pattern you want to export
  3. Once your pattern is set select “Save As File (.cls)” located under the pattern list. 
  4. You can name the pattern and save the file to your computer. 
  5. Once saved you can share the file with other Z-Flash users.

Import Patterns: 

If you receive a pattern from a friend and want to add it to your Z-Flash. Follow the steps below to quickly and easily add that pattern to your Z-Flash. 

  1. Save the Z-Flash file (.cls) to your computer
  2. Open the Z-Flash software
  3. From the main Z-Flash Menu click “Configure Device” 
  4. Select what number you want the saved pattern to be by clicking the number to the left of “Add a Step”
  5. Drag the downloaded Z-Flash file (.cls) into the pattern step box
  6. Click Save to Z-Flash to add to your module

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