How to Load and Save Custom Flash Patterns

To Save a Pattern:

  1. Open the Z-Flash Software and click "Configure Device"
  2. Create a custom pattern the Z-Flash in the Programming Utility window
  3. Once you have created you pattern you can name it using the Pattern Name box click “Save As File (.cls)”  and this will save a .cls file
  4. You can now share or keep that .cls file to easily program your Z-Flash 

To Load A Custom Pattern:

  1. Only accept and add patterns to your Z-Flash from someone that you know. 
  2. Connect your Z-Flash to your computer, open the Z-Flash Software, and click "Configure Your Device" 
  3. Locate the .cls file that you want to load onto your Z-Flash
  4. Drag the .cls file into the open window of the Z-Flash software Programming Utility Window
  5. If this is a new/different pattern, you will notice that the light patterns have changed on the list
  6. Once done, click “Save to Z-Flash” 
  7. Exit out of the Z-Flash software and your module is ready for use

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