Z-Flash Gateway Module/T-Harness

All 2018+ model year Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler vehicles will require an additional gateway module. Simply unplug the security module from your vehicle and plug in the Z-Flash gateway module. The module is under the dash by the vehicle's pedals. Instructions are included and most people can complete the installation in 15-30 minutes. The Z-Flash gateway module should be removed when getting the vehicle serviced or trying to scan the vehicle with the OBD-II port because it will cause an OBD-II scanner to malfunction. 

Z-Flash Gateway Module

The Z-Flash T-Harness will only work with 2018 1500-5500 Rams and 2019 2500-5500 Rams. This harness prevents you from having to remove the radio to access the security gateway and install a Gateway Bypass Module. Once your T-Harness is installed you will not need a Z-Flash Gateway Bypass Module. The T-Harness does not need to be removed when getting the vehicle serviced. The T-Harness also acts as a splitter and leaves room for an additional OBD-II device to be connected to the vehicle.

Z-Flash T-Harness

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