What's the difference between single color and dual color?

For Feniex brand lights, you have the option to choose between single color or dual color. Here's the differences:

Single Color:

  • One color per module. You can select more than one color for the light, but not each module. Example: Color 1: blue Color 2: red.
  • Less patterns than dual color lights.

Dual Color:

  • Two colors per module. Example: Color 1: blue/white Color 2: red/white
  • Dual color modules with white in them can be used for a white flood pattern. There is an additional white wire in the light to activate the white flood mode. 
  • Dual color modules will have more patterns than single color. There are patterns for each color individually, as well as patterns with both colors in them

White Flood Mode:

  • ONLY in dual color lights. This mode will give you an option to have the entire bar light up solid white. 
  • White Flood is only available for lights that have white as the secondary color.

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