How to Program Takedowns to Flash In Feniex Stick Lights

Here’s how to program takedowns to flash on stick lights:

  1. Controller must be off, no power should be applied. Tie the pattern and +power wires together.
  2. Connect ground wire to ground then connect the +power and pattern wires to +12V, all other wires should not be connected to any of the power lines.
    1. Connecting any other control line to +12V during the initial power up sequence will cause the system to bypass the programming mode. Disconnecting the pattern wire from +12V at any time will cause the system to exit the programming mode for any of the following steps.
  3. Immediately after powering up the system, tap the takedown wire to +12V three times for a duration of at least 1 second each. On the third hole the takedown wire to +12V. If the procedure was done correctly, then the center 2 modules will light up steady on as takedowns.
    1. Operator has at least 4 seconds from the time power is applied to tap for the first time the takedown wire to +12V, for the remaining 2 taps the time out is at least 15 seconds.
  4. In order to change the position of the takedown modules, tap the left or right arrow to +12V for a minimum of 1.5 seconds. It is possible to tie the left and right wires together in order to simultaneously adjust takedowns in both directions. Holding the left or right wires continuously to +12V will allow the position of the takedown modules to move automatically every ~1.5 seconds.
    1. Up to this step if the system is powered down the takedown locations will not be saved. Also if the system did not detect (for at least 15 seconds) any activity using left or right wires, then the system will restart without saving the latest takedowns location.
    2. The takedown modules can be programmed for all the possible locations within a full or half light bar (each side right or left can be adjusted separately using the left or right wires). The last possible takedown combination is the all takedowns, after this configuration the system will restart with no takedowns selected, the enct locations will increment beginning from modules #5 or #6 depending on which wire was used.
  5. To save the desired takedown location, release the takedown wire from +12V (initially connected to +12V in step 3). All lights should turn off, to verify takedown location was saved, tap the takedown wire again to +12V, the programmed takedown modules should light up steady on. When the takedown programming is done, disconnect the pattern wire from the +Power wire. Power cycle the system to verify again that the takedown location was saved.

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