Feniex 4200 Controller (Now With Datalink)

Here's how to program your Feniex 4200 Controller:

  1. Go to www.ultrabrightlightz.com and go to the product "Feniex 4200 Controller"
  2. Go to the literature section under the product.
  3. Download the software.
  4. Follow all prompts for downloading software. Select "Finish" at the end of the download.
  5. Open up the file that says "Feniex Controller."
  6. There will be a red box at the upper left hand corner, stating "Device Disconnected."
  7. Plug the controller into the computer using the USB provided.
  8. Once the controller is plugged in, the red box will change to green and it will say "Device Connected."
  9. You can now begin activating the ports. You can select button, input, or slide switch and then check the box of the desired port. You can select as many ports as needed with each button programmed. Each output is capable of 10 amps. Use multiple ports to split the load if it is a product requiring more than 10 amps.
  10. You can now begin activating the buttons. This will program the slide switch (p1, p2, p3) or inputs A-E to activate a button. A button cannot activate another button. 
  11. Deactivate button - this function allows any input, slide switch, or button to turn off an activated button. 
  12. Programming the timer - the timer allows any button to continue functioning for a set period of time after it has been disabled. Timer can be set for any duration between 1 second and 1 hour. The slide switch cannot be programmed for timer or momentary functions. Ignition/Day mode/Night mode - These buttons can only be used for these functions. 
    1. Setting timer function: Ignition:
      1. Hit program controller button.
      2. Click on ignition (H).
      3. Set duration/times (bottom left corner) can be set from 1 second to 1 hour.
      4. To save function, you must click off the button so it's not highlights.
  13. Siren - Under Siren section. This will only work when you have a 100W or 200W Storm Pro Siren connected. This allows any input, slide switch, or button to activate a desired audio tone. Select the desired switch, then select the audio tone from the drop down menu. 
  14. Dual delay - This only works when a Storm Pro 200W Siren is connected to the 4200. Dual delay is a check box at the bottom of the siren section. When using a 200W siren and have one switch activating the same siren tone, dual delay will offset the 2 tones so that they alternate. Note: this is only needed when using the same tone and wanting the dual tone functionality.
  15. Wig Wag - This function works when output 1 and output 2 are connected to two separate halogen or LED lights. To enable, select the desired switch (input, slide switch, or a button) and select the speed from the drop down menu. 
  16. Light Bar - This function works when you have a full size lightbar connected. To activate a function of the light bar, select a desired switch (input, slide switch, button) then select the lightbar function. Multiple functions can be selected on 1 switch. 

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