UBL Dual Dash Light

Installing the UBL Dual Dash Light:

  1. Use the included screws to attach the L brackets to the light. There is no top or bottom of the light. You will need the right angle to be towards the outsides so you can mount the crossbeam.
  2. Screw the cross beam into the L brackets. Do not fully tighten until the light is in its final position in case you need to make adjustments.
  3. Next, slide the suction cups into the C clips on the cross beam. The suction cups can be replaced with screws for permanent mounting.
  4. You may attach the optional shroud used to prevent flashback.


  • Do not install this product or route any wires in the deployment area of your airbag. Equipment mounted or located in the airbag deployment area will damage or reduce the effectiveness of the airbag, or become projectile that could cause serious personal injury or death. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for the airbag deployment area. The user/installer assumes full responsibility to determine proper mounting location based on providing ultimate safety to all passengers inside the vehicle.
  • Do not attempt to activate or control this device in a hazardous driving situation.
  • Nighttime operation of the product may product reflected light within the vehicle. Use with caution.
  • We advise professional installation for all products.
  • Electrical shock can cause injury or death. Please use proper tools and protection when installing lights.
  • These are high intensity lights. Please allow adequate distance before looking directly into them.
  • Please check for correct installation method before powering on. Electrical fire can occur.
  • Suction cups may dislodge and become a projectile during the event of a collision. Use suction cups at your own discretion.
  • **Before returning this vehicle to active service, visually confirm the proper operation of this product, as well as vehicle components/equipment.

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