UBL V6.2 Visor Bar

Here’s how to install your visor bar:

  1. Use the sliding bolts to find the optimal position for the vehicle’s sun visor posts.
  2. Mount them around the post between the headliner and the sun visor.
  3. If your vehicle has a removable clip around the post, remove it before inserting the bracket.
  4. Be sure to keep the light bar towards the outside of the vehicle to avoid interfering with the rear view mirror.
  5. Once your bar is installed, connect the wires between both sides. There is an arrow on each plug to indicate proper placement.
  6. Avoid running the wires along any air bags or obstructing the view out of the vehicle.

Hardwiring instructions:

  • Red: +12V
  • Black: Ground
  • Yellow: Pattern Changer

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