Toggle Switch or Voltage Input Harness?

When purchasing a  Speed Turtle, you will have 2 options for the wiring harness; the toggle switch or voltage input harness. 

Here are the differences:

Toggle switch: This provides a simple on/off switch with adhesive backing. The green LED indicates the unit is on, and orange indicating the unit is off. This option only has one input.

Voltage input harness: Used for customer's who already have a controller or switch panel in their vehicle, or plan on purchasing an additional one. This comes with 2 flying lead input wires. Each wire will accept a 5-17 volt input signal from a switch or controller. There are 2 inputs for this option (white wire is input 1, green wire is input 2).

Additional wiring harnesses can be purchased for $24.99.

Both switch interface harnesses plug into the right side of the EFM 2.0 using a small black square connector. It is secured by a locking tab attached to the top of the harness connector. To disconnect the interface harness, depress the connector's locking tab and gently pull the connector, NOT the wires.

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