Here's how to install the Speed Turtle 2.0

Here’s how to install your Speed Turtle:

  1. Turn the vehicle ignition to the “run” position.
  2. Plug the module into the OBD port located on the driver’s side dashboard.
  3. Leave the module plugged in for about a minute until the green power LED starts flashing.
  4. Attach the toggle switch or voltage input harness with controller to the module. You can now turn the module on/off.

Here’s how to download the USB Drivers:

  1. Under the Speed Turtle product, select “download USB drivers.”
  2. Select the “CP210xVCPInstaller_64” and extract all.
  3. A folder with zipped files will pop up, select “extract.”
  4. Once you download the drivers, follow the steps below.

*Please note: you may need to restart your computer after downloading the USB drivers*

Here’s how to program your Speed Turtle:

  1. Follow above steps 1-3.
  2. Unplug the module and connect it to your computer using the USB cable provided.
  3. Go to, select the Speed Turtle product, scroll down to the “literature” section.
  4. Download the Configuration Utility.
  5. Once the “Setup - STE Configuration Utility,” comes up, click next.
  6. You have the option to create a desktop shortcut. Select next.
  7. When the “Ready to install” window pops up, select “install.”
  8. Select finish.
  9. When the “Functions” screen pops up, select “configure features.”
  10. You can now enable/disable the lights you would like to flash.
  11. Switch 1 configuration & switch 2 configuration are for the voltage input harness which allows you to program 2 modes.
  12. Program each switch configuration and select “Save To Module.”
  13. To use the vehicle’s integrated switch, you must program the “Integrated switch configuration.” Make sure you are selecting “enable integrated switch input.”
  14. Park Configuration is what pattern you would like to use while your vehicle is in park.
  15. After selecting “save to module,” a screen will pop up saying “configurations successfully written to module.”
  16. Unplug the module from your computer and into your vehicle. Your module is now ready for use!

*Please note: The Speed Turtle Software is NOT compatible with Apple/Mac computers.

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