Feniex Triton: Wiring Help

Here's how to wire your Feniex Triton Speaker:

Please note this speaker is compatible with any brand 100 WATT and 11 Ohms

Feniex Triton Wiring Diagram

  1. Use a voltmeter and check the Ohms on the bench before installing your speaker to ensure it is properly functioning.
  2. Wiring the Triton using the brown and blue wires to your siren amplifier. These are reversible and there's no specific order.
  3. Test. If no sound emits, check your amplifier
  4. If everything is working properly, then please contact us for additional help.

Be sure to check the instruction manual on the product page for mounting help: https://www.ultrabrightlightz.com/feniex-triton-100w-speaker/

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